Feb 08

Crazy Traffic Blew Up My Blog

Crazy Traffic Blew Up My BlogOn Sunday 8th February at 04:13 GMT, my blog ran out of steam after using up 4549.59 Megs of Bandwidth. I used to get less than 100 unique visitors to my blog daily.

After implementing a simple methodology, I started to get over a 1,000 unique visitors to my blog daily. I am now getting 2,000 to 3,000 unique visitors to my blog daily.

I had to increase the bandwidth assigned to my blog by a factor of 10 to deal with the increase in traffic. After 5 hours of outage, my blog had gone live again. The visitors just carried on coming to read the posts.

Like most people I had been blogging inconsistently and getting less than 100 unique visitors daily. I was not focused on what I was blogging about.

21 days ago I made a decision to post a blog entry every day. I have done this without miss for 21 days now and have seen the traffic to by blog increase by up to 300 times!

An increase by a factor of 300 is just crazy, it proves that my blogging is working. People are reading my blog and also making it go viral.

The viral element comes from sharing the posts on social media. I would love to see over 10,000 unique visitors to my blog daily. This will put my blog in the top percentile of personal blogs based on unique daily visitors.

When my blog starts getting over 10,000 unique visitors daily, I will have to increase the bandwidth again to deal with the traffic.

Let’s see how long it takes for the unique daily visitors count to pass 5,000. From my experience so far, I would say that you only need a few posts to go viral to create an instant rush of traffic.

This sudden increase in traffic will not last long, this is the reason I will be adding new content daily. The search engines like fresh and unique content. The readers like to read something this is written by a real person, the blog owner.

I write every blog post and it’s all my personal work. You can out source it, but it kills of the personal touch to your blog.

My readers know my style of writing and come back to visit my blog because they enjoy it. Getting visitors to return to your blog is a crucial ingredient. This builds up trust and they will also share your post via social media.

The main topics that I deal with on my blog are personal development and internet marketing. Personal development is an absolute necessity for creating a better you. It will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you build up a positive self image and outlook for the future.

I blog related to internet marketing, to show you how to create wealth using the internet. The internet has enabled millions of people worldwide to transform their financial situation. It allows people with a small amount of capital to leverage their way to financial freedom.

If you believe in yourself and follow proven internet marketing techniques and systems, you too can create financial and time freedom within a few months.