Capturing Leads The Right Way

Your goal as an internet marketer is to capture leads first and then market your opportunity, products and services to them. Don’t lead with the opportunity, products or services first.

capturingleadsIf you don’t capture leads, you are wasting your time and money on your marketing activities. Highly targeted leads are essential to growing your internet marketing business.

Once you have captured leads onto your list, offer them valuable information and resources to build trust and a relationship. This will help you to increase your sales, more prospects from your list will also look at and join the opportunities that you are involved with.

The first step in capturing leads is to get an autoresponder. You need to have your own autoresponder, so that you control your list, not the owners of the opportunity you are marketing.

The most popular autoresponder service is currently GetResponse, you can start with a basic service and then upgrade as your list starts to grow.

Once you have your own autoresponder in place, you will need to create a squeeze pages and opt-in forms to capture leads. You will need to provide something of real value to the members your niche to get them to subscribe to your list.

The will need to provide a product or information that is worth taking action on. There is so much spam on the internet, people are reluctant to part with their email address unless you are offering something that really stands out to them.

Make it as easy for your prospects as possible to subscribe to your list and get them free stuff that you promised them. I only capture the email address of my leads to make it easy for them to opt-in, without making having to disclose their personal information like name and phone number.

Once your prospects are on your list, continue to offer them more valuable information to build trust and also let them know who you are and what you benefit you can offer them.

You can do this by creating a autoresponder message sequence that is delivered over time. You will also be able to send your prospects instant messages related to good quality products, services and offers that you come across.

Keep your messages relevant to your niche and make sure that you are offering products, services, information and tools that will really benefit your prospects.

You need to get the people that interested in what you are marketing to visit or squeeze pages and opt-in forms. This is called targeted marketing. You can do this by creating a blog related to your niche and posting article that offer valuable information.

Make sure that your blog is not cluttered with adverts for products that you know little about. What you need to do is offer quality information and get your prospect to subscribe to your list first, before they view and affiliated products, services or opportunities that you are marketing.

Concentrate on building a list within one niche area, before you start looking at multiple niches. Set a goal to get a minimum of  10,000 subscribers on to your list for your chosen niche.

Once you have around 10,000 loyal subscribers on your list, you will be able to monetize your list by recommending valuable products and services.

Let’s say that you are marketing a service that earns you $10 monthly from every person that join using your affiliate link… If only 100 people from your list of 10,000 subscribers decide to act on your recommendation, you will earn $1,000 monthly in residual income!

If you grow your list to 100,000 subscribers… based on the above scenario, you could earn $10,000 monthly in residual income.

The number of people that act on your recommendations will be directly influenced by these factors:

1. The Quality of Prospects

2. The Quality of The Product/Service

3. The Size of Your List

4. How Much They Trust You

This is the formula used by top internet marketers to create life changing incomes. You too have the potential to do the same… concentrate on building a list of highly targeted list prospects, build trust (create a relationship)… offer them what they are looking… and start earning the income your desire.

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