Building Your Own List Is Important!

Building your own list is one of the most important tasks as an internet marketer.

When I first got involved in internet marketing, I did not build my own list. I promoted offers using the website provided by the various products and services I was marketing.

The major disadvantage with this is that you don’t actually get to own the list that you are building. You spend a lot of time and effort in building a list that you have no real control over.

If the company that you are promoting goes bust, you lose all your contacts!

You can easily build your own list using the Copy 4 Wealth system. Your list can easily grow to a few hundred subscribers within a few months.


This system marketing system is free to use. You get to build your own list using the GVO autoresponder, you also get to earn a monthly residual income as your list grows!

You can also create a blog that can be hosted on your GVO account. This can be used to brand yourself and also promote the opportunities that you have joined.

I used the exact same system to get into profit within my first week of marketing it!

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