Building Your MLM Foundation

Your success in MLM will depend on how strong you build your foundation.

buildingyourmlmfoundationA building in the real is only as strong as the foundation it is build on. A strong foundation will support the structure for many years to come. A weak foundation will result in the structure crumbling down at any given time.

Even if you are building an internet based MLM business, you still need to have a strong foundation in place. Your foundation will be based on how strong the people you place on your first level are.

You should have a minimum of 5 people in your first level that are highly motivated and also share the same vision as you. It will take you some time to find these 5 key members. You may have to sponsor a large number of people, before you find the ones that are ready and willing to build a successful MLM business.

It all start with you, you need to develop leadership skills and motivate your team members. You need to share your vision of what is possible with them. Some of them will see the possibility and  the financial freedom offered.

Stay in contact with the people that are ready to take massive action, support them fully and the MLM dream with them.

Successful MLM leaders, develop new MLM leaders. Your goal should be to help others become leaders in your MLM network. You want them to become more successful that yourself.

MLM is the only business model where you want the people your recruit to become more successful than yourself. You will never see this in conventional business. Your boss at work does not want you to become more successful than him, he still wants to be the boss.

Your boss does not want you to open up a similar business, as this will create competition for him.

Start by working on your leadership skills and continue to develop your skills in marketing, communication… learn to motivate others, become a visionary and pass on your skills to the people your sponsor.

Identify the 5 key people from the numerous people that you have sponsored. These will be the people that are taking action and also contacting you for support and a plan of action.

Work with your 5 key members and get them to also find their 5 key members. This will create duplication and retention in your MLM network.

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