Blogging For MLM Leads

Blogging can be a really effective way of generating highly targeted MLM leads. Your only cost would be web hosting, domain registration, an autoresponder and your time and effort in writing the blog posts.

This is far cheaper than having to buy MLM leads. The leads you purchase may not be highly targeted and you don’t really have much control of where they come from.

The leads you buy could also be sold to hundreds of other people. Even if the leads are exclusive, they will not be as targeted as generating your own leads.

The leads that you generate from blogging will be your own to keep. You will be able to market your own MLM opportunities to the at any time.

Setting Up Your Blog:

1. You can easily register a domain name at GoDaddy. You will need to change the name servers to link it to your web hosting provided.

2. You can get web hosting at  HostGator.Follow the video tutorials to create your WordPress Blog on HostGator. You can easily set up a WordPress Blog using fantastico in the control panel.

3. Add an autoresponder to capture your leads. I use the GetResponse autoresponder. You will need to create a web form to capture your leads. Create a autoresponder message sequence to market your own MLM opportunity to your leads.

Learning the above process of registering a domain name, creating a WordPress Blog and capturing leads into your own autoresponder will set you apart from other online marketers. Once you have mastered the above process, you will join the online marketing elite.

Driving Traffic To Your Blog:

Optimize your Blog using Plugins for SEO and Social Sharing,  set your Blog Permalink to have your Post Title within it. This will help in getting it ranked on Search Engines.

Once your WordPress Blog is fully optimized and you have a lead capture for on it (above the page fold), you will be ready to drive traffic to it.

You drive traffic to your Blog by writing posts that other MLM entrepreneurs will find interesting. You will also need to place keywords and phrases within your Blog post to get it picked up by Google.

Don’t place to many keywords or phrases, limit it to 3 – 4 keywords and phrases and only repeat them 3 – 4 times.

Make you Blog posts interesting and offer your readers information that is of real value. Study everything you can about MLM and lead generation and start Blogging about what you have learned.

Write 1 – 2 Blog posts daily and keep it consistent, slowly your posts will start to get picked up by Google. You posts will also start to spread virally via the Social Sharing buttons.

Slowly you will start to leads opting into your autoresponder to get more valuable information from you. This will start to increase as you brand yourself as a MLM leader.

More and more people will want to work with you and join your MLM downline as you will be in a position to offer them your leadership, knowledge and also motivation.

Once you have a number of interesting Blog posts, you will start to drive a constant flow of visitors to your Blog.

If you have 100 people visiting your Blog daily and just one person opts-in to your autoresponder, you will be getting on average 1 highly targeted lead daily. You will be generating on average 30 highly targeted leads every month.

If you carry on writing Blog posts that offer real value and inspire and motivate your visitors, your Blog will start to become popular. It will be seen as a valuable resource for information on Multi-Level Marketing.

After a few months of hard work, your Blog will start to attract thousands of visitors daily. Most of them will be searching for information related to MLM, they will be highly targeted visitors.

Once you have 1000 highly targeted visitors to your Blog daily, and around 10 of them opt-in to your autoresponder, you will be generating 10 quality MLM leads daily.

You will be getting around 300 highly targeted MLM leads every month. You can easily build any MLM business with this constant flow of highly targeted leads.

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