Binary Pay Plan And Residual Income

The binary pay plan is designed to help MLM entrepreneurs create a residual income without having to sponsor hundreds of new members.

Most binary pay plans will enable you to get paid by sponsoring just one member on your right side and another on your left side. Your MLM organisation will start to grow as a result of team effort.

All everyone needs to do is sponsor just one member on each side of their binary tree. In an ideal world, your MLM organization will start to grow at an exponential rate along with your residual income.

In the real world, you will need to sponsor a few members yourself, until you find ones that are motivated enough to duplicate your efforts.

Take a simple example that pays $1 for every members in your MLM downline with a downline ratio of 1:3. Your organization could grow like this:

Month 1: 2 members

Month 2: 4 members

Month 3: 8 members

Month 4: 16 members

Month 5: 32 members

Month 6: 64 members

Month 7: 128 members

Month 8: 256 members

Month 9: 512 members

Month 10: 1024 members

Month 11: 2048 members

Month 12: 4096 members

Your monthly residual income after just 12 months would be $4,096!

The duplication process is slow for the first 9 steps. The earning don’t look that exciting, but they start to become substantial after the 9th step.

Most people give up on MLM because they don’t see big earning at the initial stages. Stay focused on the big picture, take massive action and the big earning will show up.

Even if it takes 3 to 4 years to reach the goal of earning over $4,000 monthly, it is well worth the time and effort.

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