Automatically Post To 500 Facebook Groups

Automate your post to up to 500 facebook groups. Schedule your posts at different time intervals to hit your groups.

fbgroupsIf you are still posting on facebook groups manually, you are wasting your time! You need to schedule the posts and spend your time more productively.

I use FacyBulka to automate my facebook group posts. This software is easy to use and requires no download, just use the web based interface to schedule your posts.

Grab your copy of FacyBulka by Clicking Here. It only costs $10 for lifetime access! No monthly fees or upgrades required.

You get to use the full software for only $10, one time payment. This is the cheapest facebook group poster you will find!

I have been testing it out… and the results have been excellent so far.


Mujibur Rahman

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