Are You Still Waiting For Your Upline To Build Your Downline?

A lot of people get involved in online mlm expecting their upline sponsor to build their downlines for them.

In reality this does not happen, you should treat spillover from your upline as a bonus. You need to build your own downline by learning internet marketing. Work with the marketing tools that get you results and leave out the tools that are not producing results.

By building your own downline team, you will be seen as a leader that is focused on creating wealth online. People follow strong leaders, they want to learn and use the marketing tools that have helped them to grow their mlm downlines.

I would like to place people in my online mlm downlines that are highly motivated and focused on building their online mlm business. I don’t like to have people in my downlines that are not actively marketing the opportunity.

I want strong downline members that are producing results, as this puts money in their pockets as well as mine.

I work with people that have a burning desire to create financial freedom, my time is valuable, so I use it where it will benefit me most.

If you have a burning desire to create wealth using online mlm, I am ready to help you… but you need to prove yourself, by sponsoring one or two members yourself.

This will help me pick out the leaders in my downline and devote more time towards helping the reach higher levels in the pay plan.

This reminds me of a quote by martial arts legend Bruce Lee “There is no help like self help”.

Bruce Lee became a movie start against all odds… he faced many challenges on the way, but his burning desire and determination helped him to reach his goal.

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