Are You Building A Relationship With Your Subscribers?

It is simple enough to get people to subscribe to your list. Your list is only of value to you, once you have built up a relationship with your subscribers.

How do you build a relationship with your subscribers?

You need to let people on your list know who you are. Your subscribers will be more likely to act on your recommendations once they trust you. Getting your subscribers to trust you begins by offering them valuable information, tools and resources.

You can offer information of value for free or tools, resources and opportunities that have really helped you as an internet marketer. Once your subscribers find real value in your recommendations, they will start to trust you.

You should not offer inferior products and services to your list members, this will make them opt-out. Some internet marketers have lists that have thousands of members, but only a fraction of them every act on their recommendations.

They may have blasted out emails to their subscribers with offers that provide little value. You can start earning a substantial income from a small list of highly targeted members that trust your recommendations.

Communicate With Your List Members Regularly

You need to stay visible to your subscribers by sending out valuable information to them regularly. If you provide the tools, resources and opportunities that they are searching for, they will look forward to your messages.

If you post a good article on your blog, invite your subscribers to read it and post their comments. If your article is of real value, they will share it with others.

I have seen some blog posts being shared thousands of times by readers. The more traffic your blog attracts, the more your post are likely to be shared.

If you provide valuable content, you will also start to generate highly targeted subscribers to your list. Provide content on your blog that brands you as a leader in your chosen field to attract more visitors and subscribers.

Amaze your subscribers by offering them more valuable information and resources than they expected!

Providing value is the key to success as an internet marketer. Your job is to provide your subscribers with the tools and resources that will really benefit them.

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