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Way back in 2003, I was earning a sizable income from Google’s AdSense program. I only had one site, which I was running on a part-time basis.

The site was getting good traffic, the visitors were highly trageted. The site was popular on Google and a few hundred pages were indexed.

After all the major Google updates and duplicate content issues, things are beginning to settle down. At one point things were really crazy, people were putting up sites with no real content or duplicate content just to earn money from AdSense.

Most of these sites are now getting little traffic and revenue. The sites that are earning a substantial income from AdSense are ones that offer real value to the end user.

These sites offer high quality content that is useful or is entertaining, this attract repeat visitors and the adverts are also relevant, generating high click troughs.

My goal is to get my AdSense earnings up to around $100 per day within 6 months. I will be creating various sites to meet current wants and offer valuable information.

January 2013 is going to be the foundation for my AdSense Empire.

AdSense earning of $100 daily would earn me around $3,000 monthly. In UK money this will £1,894, even if the hosting and information costs around £894 monthly, I will still have £1,000 monthly.

£1,000 monthly is not enough to live on, but it is great as an additional income.

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