47 Prospects Today!

I have had 47 leads join my Better Web Builder marketing system today.

I have been using a viral ebook to market my BWB MLM program.

=> http://www.mujiburrahman.com/theglobalmlmwealthbuilder/

I am giving away the ebook for free… no opt-in required.

It’s a chance for people to really understand the Wealth Building power of the BWB program.

I know that only a small number of these prospects will upgrade, even a smaller number of the upgraded members will use the viral power of the ebook and BWB….That’s why I have decided to draw in thousands of leads.

Even if a small number decide to build a BWB business, it would still create the viral momentum required to build a large network.

Take a look at the Better Web Builder program at:

=> http://www.mujiburrahman.com/theglobalmlmwealthbuilder/

Everyone is capable of drawing in 5-10 leads daily using this ebook and the BWB system!

If you worked this for 90 day at 5 leads a day, you will have generated 450 leads!

At 10 leads a day, you will have generated 900 leads!

Some exceptional marketers will be able to generate thousands of leads in 90 days.

I only takes 4-5 members in your downline that are serious about this business to make the MLM magic happen!

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