Aug 28

Are You Motivated Or Inspired?

Motivated or InspiredThere is a BIG difference in being motivated versus being inspired.

Motivation is external, it comes from outside. It is temporary, you need to boost it up again and again.

People watch motivational videos, listen to motivation audios, read motivational books/articles and attend motivational seminars. All of these will get you pumped up for a short time and gradually fade away.

Inspiration comes from within, it happens when you are following your true values, the things that really matter in your life.

Motivation is like running on battery power, you will need to constantly charge up. Inspiration is like running on divine power, it is ever lasting.

An inspired martial artist will wake up early and reform set patterns and techniques hundreds of times and still feel good about it.

An inspired author will continue writing, forgetting the time and even skipping meals.

An inspired entrepreneur will continue working on his ideas without thinking of it as work. In fact, the work will feel like pleasure to them.

The most successful people in the world were/are inspired. Nikola Tesla was inspired to find ways to transform the world.

Elon Mask is inspired to transform the modern world and take humanity to the next level.

Richard Branson is inspired to create multiple businesses that serve millions of people worldwide.

How Do You Become Inspired?

You become inspired by finding your core values. The things that are most important to you and creating a business, product or service around it.

Warren Buffet wanted to become really wealthy, so he spent thousands of hours researching how stocks and shares worked. He did not give up after his first few stock purchases dropped in price.

He learned from his mistakes and started to analyse the market thoroughly and hire experts in his field.

When you are inspired, your passion becomes your profession. It will feel like a long vacation, because you enjoy what you are doing.

Are You Inspired To Become Wealthy?

As yourself, why you want to become wealthy?

What will the money enable you to do?

You will need to find something that is aligned to your core values. If you don’t believe in gambling, then you will not be inspired to create wealth using online casinos or sports betting.

There are many opportunities to create wealth using the internet. Start researching them, and work with some that are aligned to your core values.

Find something that is aligned to your core values.

I am inspired to create wealth using the internet, it will enable me to spend more time with my family. I also like helping others to create wealth using the opportunities that are working for me.

I am inspired to create wealth using cryptocurrencies and to help other to do the same.

When you are inspired to do something, you will find it hard to sleep. You will find the time to do the things you need to do.

I work 60 hours a week as a corporate security officer, but I still find the time to invest in cryptocurrencies and also help others to do it too.

My initial goal is to create a steady monthly income which will enable me to quit my job and work with cryptocurrencies full-time.

I am currently learning and applying what I have learned to build-up my investment portfolio in the cryptocurrencies market.

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