Dec 31

Happy New Year 2017

As the earth completes another orbit around the sun, the festive celebrations are still in full throttle. We are leaving 2016 and welcoming in 2017, hoping that it will bring more happiness than the past year.

Many of us are making our new year’s resolutions, some of us will write them down. If you don’t write down your goals they have little chance of getting achieved.

Written goals have a greater chance of success and ones that are reviewed and worked on throughout the year have an even greater chance of fulfilment.

Do you have a dream?

How long have you been chasing it?

Were you serious about making it your reality?

The true goal is to live a life full of happiness, the rest of the stuff is really a means to help us reach this state of bliss.

Most of us are trapped in the global matrix, we pay taxes to keep the elite in power. The banking system is designed to keep the chosen few in control.

We work for 30 days and get salary that barely covers our expenses for the previous 30 days. Even if you save your hard-earned money, you still must pay taxes.

Month after month, we are faced with bills and living expenses. Most people are only a month’s salary away from being broke.

Is there any hope for the average person working a job, to create financial freedom?

I am working with an idea that can help the average working person create an additional monthly income.

You can get started with it on a part-time basis and slowly build up a monthly income. Within 12 to 24 months, you should be able to build up a substantial monthly income to enable you to leave your current employment.

No job is secure in this chaotic global economy, you need to have additional income sources to get out of the financial trap.

The work and spend trap is a reality, most people don’t have any savings. A clear majority are in debt just trying to keep on living the so called average lifestyle.

I can promise you a miracle, but I can offer you a plan which I am currently developing to enable you to get out of the rat-race.

My goal is to help you get out of the job mentality and create a monthly residual income. Once you have created a substantial monthly income and have the time freedom, you will be able to leverage your earnings.

Working 40 to 60 hours weekly, does not leave you much time to plan your life. Look at what I have to offer at:

If you don’t take action to transform your lifestyle, 2017 is going to look a lot like 2016, it may even get worse.

I am writing this blog post as 2016 is coming to an end in England. I hope you take the time to look at the plan I have created for financial freedom in 2017.

Happy New Year,

Let’s make it happen in 2017: