Nov 07

The Waiting Game

Most people are playing the waiting game without even knowing it. How many times have you put off doing something with the excuse “I’ll do it once this or that has happened…”.

thewaitinggameThe best time to take action is now, not tommorow or sometime in the future. If you need to take action to make things better, the time to do so is now.

Don’t wait around for this to change, take charge and make them change. Everyone one of us has the capacity to make the chances that will enable us to live the lifestyle we truly desire. We have the power to earn the income we truly desire, acquire the healthy body we desire, experience the happiness we really want.

We are stuck in the waiting game because we fear change and have become used to our current lifestyle and the emotional routine it has created. We need to take action to break out of this routine that keeps us trapped and confined. We all have the power to experience better emotions and real growth.

I dare you to do something now that will help you move towards the lifestyle you truly desire. Keep on taking actions daily and they will start to become habits and create the momentum that will take you to the lifestyle you desire.

I know saying it and doing it are two different things. A large number of people start on excercise programs and diets only to stop before they start seeing results.

You cannot get six packs in 6 days or built like a tank in a couple of months…. it takes hard work and consistent action. If you are willing to put in the effort on a regular basis, the results will follow.

The same can be said for transforming your finances. If you are in debt… it will take a good financial plan to get out of debt. It will take consistent action, and you will need to stay focused.

You can also create financial freedom by working on a plan that has proven to work for others. You will need to stick to the actions until you have reached your desired goal.