Dec 22

21st December 2012 – New Begining?

The end of the Mayan long count calendar had sparked a lot of media hype and created fear across the world.

21st December has come and gone… the world has not ended, no major natural disasters… a new beginning?

The start of Baktun 14 could be a new begining for everyone that decides to act on it.

The ultimate truth is that we can all start to change the course of our lives the very moment we make a decision to do so. You will need to make a plan, take action and stay focused until your desired outcome is reached.

We all have the power to become the masters of our destiny, but only a very small number use this power. They are paralyzed by fear and false programming.

The people that have created real financial and time freedom made a decision to leave the rat race and get out of the worker mentality. They decided to build their dream not someone else’s.

Even if you have little time or money to invest, you can still start off small and take consistent action to build your dream.