Jun 28

How To Make Money Using Gig Sites Like Fiverr

Gig listing sites like fiverr have enable people worldwide to earn their first few dollars online! If you have not come across the term gig before, it refers to temporary work that is carried out by freelancers.

There is a growing market for services related to internet marketing, web design, graphic design, article writing, social marketing… some entrepreneurs have decided to earn a living from providing these services by listing them on gig sites.

Some students and are using these sites to earn an extra $200 – $500 a month, while some people are using them to earn a full-time living. Some of the top earners are making in excess of $5,000 monthly!

Fiverr allows you to list services that you are willing to provide for $5. If you have the tools and knowledge to carry out a $5 gig in under 30 mins, it will be worth providing this service.

Some internet marketers are providing services like social marketing, listing gigs for $5 that will get the buyer 10,000 facebook page fans, 10,000 twitter followers…

Some of them are able fullfill these gig orders within 24 hours and get 50 – 100 gig orders daily, earning them a substantial income online.

Check out the top gigs on the sites to see which are making money. Click Here to see a List of the Top Gig Sites.

These sites also list services at a fraction of the cost most companies charge. You get great deals on services like social bookmarking and backlinks.

If you can provide a valuable service at a lower cost than others, and still make a profit… you should list it on a gig site.

I have create a site that will help you get your gigs get more visitors:

=> GlobalGigGuide.com

You can list your gig on this site for 30 days for $5. Just list your gig title, description, link, tags, price and any images. This site is designed as a guide to list the best gigs from multiple gig sites.

Your gig will get exposure from the listing, the actual gig fulfillment is carried out at the original gig site via the link provided.

You can even set up a gig on fiverr.com, providing a service to bring more exposure to peoples gigs. You can offer to list their gigs on GlobalGigGuide.com for $5 and also share them using the social sharing buttons.This should take you less than 10 minutes to do.

You will be able to get a 30 day membership package on GlobalGigGuide.com for $30, this will allow you to list gigs at the reduced rate of $2 per listing.

You can use the membership package to earn you money by offering the gig listing service on multiple gig sites.