May 30

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can earn you a good income online, but you need to create a plan to achieve success in this highly competitive area.

You will need to research the niche market that you want to promote products and services as an affiliate in. Some of the top niches for affiliate marketers are: Finance, Health, Wealth Building, Travel and Online Business Tools.

Finance Niche Markets

Niche markets within finance are Loans, Mortgages, Savings and Insurance.

You can market personal loan services as an affiliate. You can provide links to the best mortgage providers, savings accounts, credit card rates.

Insurance is a lucrative area for affiliate marketers. You can set up affiliated sites for Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Travel Insurance… Price Comparison Sites.

Health Niche Markets

Health and Fitness is a big niche market, you can promote: weight loss products, exercise videos, vitamins and supplements, skin care products, makeup products, hair care products…

Wealth Building Niche Markets

A large number of people are looking for ways to make money online. You can promote the following products and services as an affiliate: forex, day trading, sports betting, online casinos, real estate courses, internet marketing courses…

Travel Niche Markets

Travel is also a lucrative niche, you can promote: holiday packages, flight deals, hotel packages, cruise packages…

People are always searching for good holiday deals.


Online Business Niche Markets

Online business can also be a rewarding niche for affiliates, you can promote: domain registration services, web hosting packages, web design solutions, web traffic packages, merchant accounts, shopping carts, affilaite management tools…

The Secret To Success With Affiliate Marketing

The secret to success as an affiliate marketer is to provide the solution that people within your niche are really searching for. You need to get people in your chosen niche to find your affiliated offers.

Top affiliates build blogs based on their chosen niche market. They offer valuable content on the blog to attract visitors. They capture the details of people that visit their blogs and send them messages with affiliated links.

Barcelona Holiday Deals Example

Let me provide you with an example of  creating a niche blog around marketing holiday deals to Barcelona.

First of all you would research what people are searching for online (your keywords and phrases). Find out how many searches are done on your keywords and phrases monthly.

Barcelona Holiday Deals

Barcelona Holiday Deals 2012

Barcelona Cheap Holiday Deals

Barcelona Holiday Packages

Once you have some good keywords and phrases… you can start building a WordPress blog based on these.

Get a keyword rich domain name like :

You will need to create blog post based on your keywords and phrases. Create 10 – 15 posts with your Keywords and Phrases in the title, repeat the keywords and phrases 3 – 4 times within the body of your blog post.

Create blog categories based on your Keywords and Phrases, also use your Keywords and Phrases as tags on your blog.

You should also install the following plug-ins on your blog: All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, Sharexy

These plug-ins will help to get your site indexed on search engines and also enable your post to get shared via social media.

Make sure that your blog post are pinged to the relevant sites, you can set this up on Settings->Writing->Update Services

Every time you post a new article, place the title and description in the All in One SEO Pack widget at the bottom of your posting page. Also tick the relevant categories and include the relevant tags.

Once you have created a new post, share it with people using the social sharing buttons.

Create a ebook to giveaway to visitors to your blog to capture their details. You can create a 15 – 20 page ebook titled “Best Places To Visit In Barcelona“. Create an appealing cover for you ebook and place it above your autoresponder opt-in form. Mention that they can get this ebook for subscribing to your blog.

If your blog visitors are really interested in traveling to Barcelona, they will want to get the ebook. This will enable you to capture highly targeted leads.

You can place links within your ebook to pages on your blog that offer Barcelona Holiday Deals, Barcelona Hotel Deals, Barcelona Flight Deals…. You can update these pages with the best affiliate offers that you find online. This will ensure that your offers remain up-to-date.

Spend some time to provide information of real value in your ebook and also on your blog posts. By providing valuable information, you will build up trust with visitors to your blog.

Set up a sequence of autoresponder messages that informs your subscriber about Barcelona, provide interesting facts and details about Barcelona.

Within your messages you can provide links to your affiliated offers, special deals and offers.

If you have visited Barcelona and captured some video footage, you can upload this to YouTube and share it on your blog. You can also find other interesting videos related to Barcelona on YouTube which you can use on you blog.

Make you blog interesting by providing valuable information to visitors and provide even more value to your subscribers. This is a proven formula for creating success as an affiliate marketer.

Always be on the look out for good affiliate offers from trusted websites.

How Much Money Can You Make As An Affiliate?

Take the Barcelona Travel Deals blog as an example….

If you can sell products and services at an average commission of $5 per sale, you will have earned $5,000 on 1,000 sales that you referred as an affiliate.

Just think about how many people travel to Barcelona every day, you only need to capture the attention of a small number that are searching for Barcelona Holiday Deals online.

If you manage to built up a really high traffic website that offers real value, you should be able to generate 5,000 to 10,000 affiliated sales every year.

10,000 sales with an average commission of $5 per sale would earn you $50,000 yearly. To get to this level of income will take good planning and as consistent action to bring in regular traffic to your blog.

Once you are earning around $2,000 to $3,000 monthly from your blog, you can start thinking about outsourcing your blog posts and social bookmarking. You can find social bookmarking offers on, once you have found a provider that has produced good results for you, use them to outsource your social bookmarking on a regular basis.

Be on the look out for what people are searching for in large volumes online. See if you can find relevant affiliated offers to meet the needs of these searchers.

There are many different products and services that you can promote as an affiliate. The simple formula is to find a need and provide a solution that meets this need. You act as the connector of the need to the solution, and get paid for making this connection.

Some affiliates have earned millions of dollars from marketing services like online dating, gambling sites, travel sites… others have earned huge commissions marketing physical products from sites like

The formula is simple, build a blog around a niche market and provide value to visitors and monetize it by sending out affiliated offers to your subscribers.

Do your research and plan your blog to maximize your earnings as an affiliate.

Getting Started As An Affiliate – What You Need

1. Domain Name – You can use GoDaddy

2. Web Hosting – You can use HostGator or Host Then Profit

3. Autoresponder – You can use Aweber or GetResponse