£2,000 Monthly From An Online Lottery Syndicate Affiliate Program

A few years ago, I was earning around £2,000 from an online lottery syndicate affiliate program. The program was not available in many countries worldwide. The company was registered in an off-shore tax free haven. It was good while it lasted, I was getting regular payment from you affiliate earning as well as winnings.

lotteryI have recently found another online lottery syndicate affiliate program. This company is actually registered in the UK. It is available in 132 countries worldwide.

The affiliate program pays out 6 levels deep, it has more earning potential than the previous one. My goal is to work closely with around 10 people that are serious about using this to build a substantial monthly income.

I will be concentrating on building my organization deep, with 10 key front line people. I have set a goal of creating a monthly income of over £5,000 within 12 months.

This is possible, as I had previously built up a monthly income of around £2,000 using the internet. This offers more potential as it’s global, and there is a pay as you go option for players.

Firstly take a look at the opportunity by Clicking Here.

The company is based in Birmingham, UK. It is growing fast worldwide, lottery has always been a big niche worldwide. Some people have earned millions just by selling lottery systems in ebook format.

This opportunity offers lottery players increased chances of winning the UK National Lottery, the Thunderball Lottery and also the big EuroMillions Lottery! The affiliate program pays out really generously, this will be my main focus. The wins will come as a bonus!

Take a look at the affiliate program by clicking on the banner below:

I am currently working on a blog to generate leads at: www.paid4lotto.com

I will be creating viral marketing tools for my team members and also marketing training modules.

Even if you don’t get started right now, register as an affiliate for free by Clicking Here(I have a feeling, this will be really BIG).

My goal is to take this opportunity to the masses worldwide, I am looking for liked minded entrepreneurs that have a similar vision. Within 12 months, we could be earning a monthly residual income of £5,000+ from this!

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