100K In 90 Days Challenge

I have decided to launch a T-Shirt Printing Business with my two sons. Our goal is to raise $100000 in 90 Days to fund this business venture.

100kin90daysWe will be using internet marketing to achieve this goal. We will start on Sunday 14th of June 2015, by this date my son Naheed will have finished his school exams. My sons have a Tang Soo Do competition on Saturday 13th June 2015. My younger son Wajid is going to start secondary school in September 2015. He is really excited to start this venture.

We will track our progress and post updates on this blog, starting from the 14th of June 2015. My son, Naheed is studying for his  ‘A’ levels in Business Studies, Media Studies and Product Design.

My son Wajid is really creative for a 10 year old, both of them are looking forward to this $100K in 90 Days Challenge.

Let’s see how much we raise in 90 days to fund our T-Shirt Printing Business. We will finish the 90 day challenge on Friday 11th September 2015. We will greatly appreciate all your feedback and support on this 90 day challenge.

I am already involved in some online income opportunities and will be marketing these intensively in the 90 day period. My sons are new to internet marketing, but are really eager to get started. I’m sure they will make a positive contribution to this 90 day challenge.

You can work your internet marketing business like a family business. When you have support from your family, you are inspired and motivated to achieve your goals.

I will post updates on the online opportunities that I’m involved with as a pre-launch to our $100K in 90 days challenge.

Let me know what you think about our challenge and how we can produce better results.

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