Jun 02

Global Wealth Blog – Case Study – Watch Over My Shoulders

Global Wealth BlogI have just launched a brand new blog “Global Wealth Blog“. It’s a blog that will have articles on wealth around the world.

Articles on Billionaires, Millionaires, Mansions, Sports/Luxury Cars, Exotic Holidays, Expensive Jewellery/Gadgets…. Everything to do with wealth on a global scale.

My goal is to get over 1,000 unique views to this blog daily by the end of this year (31st of December 2016), that’s around 6 months!

Watch over my over my shoulder as I post articles and the results. I will continue to post updates on this blog.

Visitors 02 June 2016Currently the blog is averaging around 10 to 12 unique visitors daily. I need to get 990 more unique visitors daily to achieve my goal of 1,000 unique visitors daily.

Even with limited time available, I have set a goal to post an article every other day.

Most of the traffic is coming from social media. I’m still waiting for the articles to get picked up by Google for search terms.

Visit the blog at: www.globalwealthblog.com



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Feb 21

Bitcoin On The Rise – The #1 Digital Currency

Bitcoin is the #1 digital currency, it is traded on global exchanges and in high demand. There have been many cryptocurrencies trying to compete with Bitcoin, but with little success.

Bitcoin has started to rise above $400 in value, and looks like it is on the upward trend.botcoinpriceYou can easily get started with stocking up Bitcoins by following the simple steps below:


Join Coinbase and create a Bitcoin address (wallet). Fund your Bitcoin wallet using your credit/debit card.


Join BitClub Network and purchase positions in the mining pools to aquire Bitcoin shares daily.



Refer other members to BitClub Network to earn additional revenue.

Set a goal of how much you would like to earn in Bitcoins and take massive action to achieve your goal. Many entrepreneurs have acquired Bitcoins valued at over $100,000

Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to acquire and the BitClub Network helps you to get some extra leverage to boost your stock pile.

It costs only $99 to get started with BitClub Network. This will open up your mind to the wealth building opportunity offered by Bitcoin mining by purchasing shares in crowd-funded mining pools.

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